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Material Technologies Incorporated Precision Materials

Material Technologies, Inc. provides corporations with strategic, technical and marketing advice and engages in sales representation principally in the fields of metals and coatings, optics and security. Since 1993 the company has shown companies how to develop new products and markets and to gain market share through the development and improvement of products. The company also works with investment banking firms on capital raising, management buyouts, divestitures, financial repositioning and restructuring services. The company has acted as an advisor to Praxair, Parker Hannifin and to Rutgers University. The company has been partnered with Capstone Partners ( for ten years. Capstone is an investment banking firm focused on mid-market companies in the $20-300 million range for acquisitions, divestitures, restructuring and other matters in fields ranging from health care, industrial and many others. In late 2022 Capstone was bought by Huntington Bancshares, a Fortune 500 company.The firm brings over 48 years of experience in specialty metals, aerospace, mining, electronics, fasteners, powder metallurgy, wrought and cast metals, ordnance and other products.

Material Technologies has had extensive dealings with companies who make vehicles, highway products, oil tools, transmission and cell towers, fittings, construction and agricultural equipment, water and chemical processing chains and conveyor systems and steel and the military.

For more information, including technical data, contact Ira L. Friedman, President, Material Technologies, Inc. 68 Ambassador Drive, Red Bank, NJ 07701. Telephone 732-542-5800, Fax 732-542-2591 or e-mail

Mining Equipment

Cell Towers



Commercial Truck Components

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Helical Anchors & Screws


Building Equipment

Fire Hydrants


Highway Lights & Signage

Structural Steel

Military Vehicle Components

Agricultural Equipment

Transmission Towers

Ship Components

Trailer Hitches

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